Flotation Therapy

Flotation rooms are used as a way of achieving the deepest relaxation experience a person can. People of all ages can benefit from floating, with no swimming ability needed, floating in this totally supportive water can help many different people in many different situations.

Every time you experience foloating your body can benefit. The experience is unique. Float sessions can be undertaken in silence or if preferred calm therapeutic music can be played through the room's speakers.

With locks on the doors to the float suite the user can rest assured that they are in complete privacy for the duration of their session. Floating can help patients to improve their concentration, to detoxify their system. It can ease arthritic conditions and soothe deep, old pains. Floating during pregnancy can benefit both mother and child from the start right up to month nine.

Floating helps to improve the user's imagination and creativity. Just one float session can simulate up to 4 hours of regular sleep, it is a fantastic way to relieve stress.